DadLTD.jpg (411960 bytes)

84 LTD, motor out.

engine1.jpg (311113 bytes)

Motor ready to go in

Engine2.jpg (308223 bytes)

Another pic of motor

motormountpad1.jpg (244141 bytes)

Drivers side motor mount pad mods

motormountpad2.jpg (241887 bytes)

Pass side motor mount pad mods

Hpipemodded.jpg (407090 bytes)

H-pipe modded to clear col. shifter

airboxhole.jpg (166189 bytes)

Air box hole

DCP00722.JPG (308026 bytes)

2.5 MAC exh, for 86 stang GT, needed very little work to get it in. 

DCP00723.JPG (266890 bytes)

Duals, NICE!!!!

DCP00724.JPG (270355 bytes)

Relocated fuel filter, ran all new fuel lines

DCP00725.JPG (321754 bytes)

Hacked col. shifter mechanism, but it works :-)

DCP00726.JPG (287664 bytes)

Another pic of shifter

DCP00727.JPG (229311 bytes)

Modded air pump tube.

DCP00728.JPG (259441 bytes)

Modded double hump X-member (had to slide it all the way back on side tubes).

DCP00729.JPG (362203 bytes)

Motor installed, FINALLY :-)

DCP00730.JPG (401222 bytes)

Closer pic of motor

DCP00731.JPG (266500 bytes)

MAP and bracket off Mk VII

DCP00732.JPG (339679 bytes)

Digital fuel pressure and 3 normal guages (still need to stain panel to make it match)